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About The Glory Krew

An independent Mary Kay team striving to be an expression of God's excellence!

We are a team of independent beauty consultants from all walks of life. From Gen Z and Grandmas to Guys and Single Moms... we are an mission to build wealth, confidence, and opportunity in our communities.

We want to build LEADERS in OUR communities, build WEALTH in OUR communities, and EMPOWER minorities in OUR communities. What was once skipped over and gentrified, will be directly impacted by opportunity, choice, and freedoms not usually experience by those "from where we're from".

Our team is led by God, built by those willing to submit to His will, and pushed by the backing of the people who believe in what each team member is called to do. 


"Mary Kay changed my life, and for the past 6 years, I've been building my business alongside others who want to see this vision come to life. It's bigger than me at this point. It's important that I and WE become everything that God has called us to be within our respective communities. 

Most of us have never had an opportunity like this before.. a family of friends like this before.. a support system like this before.. a ministry like this before. We break generational curses every time we keep going, every time we walk across the Mary Kay stage, every time we enter into a new tax bracket.. every time we teach, take, and digitize a class. 

It's bigger than us. We can't move on until we fulfill this mandate. It's bigger than us, but it's not bigger than God. We WILL become everything God has called us to be. Join us or watch us, but the Glory of God shall be revealed in us!"

-Shydae' Antoinette Stallworth

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Are you looking for a safe space to transiton into entrepreneurship or ministry?

Do you need a family that will pour into you when times get hard?

Are you looking for an additional stream of income that will catapult you into your next level?

Join the Glory Krew today for as low as $30! You can become a boss overnight and join us as Independent Mary Kay Beauty Consultants. Click the link below to inquire!

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