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Image by Veronica Reverse
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Hello, Hi! It's Shydae'! 

I am personally inviting you into my Mary Kay  world! One of my favorite things to do is to help women transition into full time entrepreneurship or full time ministry through this business.
I'm an independent beauty consultant with Mary Kay, and I would love to connect with you! Whether you desire to be a consultant, customer, corporate client or supporter, I appreciate you checking everything out! Take a look around and choose the way you'd like to connect with me!


I would love to serve you as your personal beauty consultant, if you already don't have one! I carry cosmetics, skincare, body care, perfumes & colognes for both men, women and teens. You can shop now at my website or tell me about your skin so that you can book your annual self-care consultation or a simple skincare session!



Mary Kay changed my life, and now you have the opportunity for it to change yours as well. If you don't already have a consultant, come and take a closer look at what the company has to offer through the Glory Krew Experience. I would love to hear more about you, so click the link below to apply for the private info session about the Glory Krew Experience within Mary Kay! (P.S. Its deeper than skincare..)



Don't have a consultant? I would love to service you for your wedding, baby shower, business, or ministry! We have a special gifting service that can meet your needs for any special occasion, or on a steady basis for your events, missions, clientele, or employees. We would love to hear more about your special needs. Please, fill out a brief survey to give us insight about your needs.